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Here at Benton Fence Company, we are proud to be the number one fencing company in Haskell, AR. Our commitment to quality and precision has led us to consistently produce high-quality fences that are suitable for residential and business properties in Haskell. Using years of expertise and a deep understanding of design aesthetics to create custom fencing solutions that reflect the unique personality of each property and its owner. In addition to their visual appeal, these fences also provide unmatched privacy and protection. We are committed to quality, so that every fence we build is a testimony to our craftsmanship and a backdrop to outdoor memories for family and friends. Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetics and security of your property, create a personal oasis in your backyard or secure your business premises, Benton Fence Company can make your vision a reality.


Chainlink Fencing: Great for Security

chainlink fencing in Haskell

Chainlink fencing offers both protection as well as visibility. This ensures that your property is protected while also being visible. Our chainlinks are practical and durable, making them ideal for residential or commercial environments. Chainlink fencing is installed on my property to protect my pets and kids from the outside world. Some people were bitten when an aggressive dog attacked in the neighbourhood. Fortunately, the fence we had was able stop the dog. Investment paid off in spades!

Privacy Fencing: Your Oasis of Tranquility

privacy fence in Haskell

Welcome to all those seeking peace and quiet! We have top-tier fences that are customized to your specifications. This is ideal for creating privacy and tranquility away from nosy or unexpected neighbors. It also creates your very private and uninterrupted outdoor moments. Imagine enjoying your backyard without anyone peering into it as they drive by!

SECURITY FENCES: Guarding What Matters

security fencing in Haskell

Discover our superior fences to protect your property. Our security fencing is the perfect solution for any home or business owner looking to protect its premises. These fences combine beauty, durability and technology to offer peace ofmind. Our security fences will offer you the best protection against intruders. Invest in fences to start your journey towards a more secure future.

Wrought Iron Fences: Beauty Beyond Time

 iron fencing in Haskell

Discover the timeless charm of our wrought Iron Fences. Simple yet durable designs add visual appeal and offer reliable security. Their sturdy construction makes them a visually pleasing option while providing reliable protection. We have installed many iron fences around Haskell. Our professional installation will last for many generations.

Vinyl Fences: Easy Care, Elevated Look

vinyl fence in Haskell

Vinyl fences can save you both money and time. They come in a wide range of colors and styles and are resistant against the things which usually break down fences. These fences never rot, fade, or splinter – they’re the stylish friend you always wanted. Simple bleach washing and rinsing is all that’s needed to maintain your fence.


temporary fencing in Haskell

You can use our temporary fencing for construction sites, special events and crowd control. They are simple to set up, and they’re reliable. They are quick to define any area, and they secure it. They are easy to integrate in any setting, balancing both aesthetics and function. With expert advice, find the best temporary fence that suits your needs. Our superior service and high quality will satisfy your needs for temporary fences.

FARM FENCING: Resilient Barriers for The Farm

3 rail vinyl farm fence in Haskell

Benton Fence Company provides customized farm fencing tailored to your individual needs. Whether you need a durable steel fence that will last a lifetime or if you want aesthetically pleasing vinyl fences with low maintenance, we have it. We also offer barbed wire fences and pipe fencing to keep out intruders. Whatever your fence requirements, Benton Fence Company offers tailored solutions to meet them.

Your Expert Fencing Contractor in Haskell

elegant horizontal fence in Haskell

A decade ago, I worked away from home. My family and the familiar landscapes of Haskell pulled me back. When my family’s fencing business Benton Fence Company wanted someone to run it, I offered myself up.

Our company is the most sought-after fencing contractor in Haskell & surrounding areas. Our approach is clear: use only high-quality materials to build fences both functional and beautiful. This extends to the community as well, including our family commitment. We at Benton Fence Company are committed to putting quality & customer satisfaction in every job.

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It is important to select Benton Fence Company if you want the best fence for your needs. Our customers are our top priority, and we work hard to establish strong, long-term relations by providing excellent service during each project. As licensed and insured professionals, we follow all regulations. Our craftspeople are skilled and use high-quality materials to ensure durability and aesthetics. We offer free consultations. We are ready to help you at Haskell!


How much will it cost me to install a new fence?

The cost for installing a fence can vary depending upon the type, size and material of the fence. A 200ft privacy fence will cost homeowners between $2400 and $7000 on average. For a more accurate estimate, contact us for a personalized quote.

Do I have to obtain a building permit in order to build a fence or wall?

In most cases, fences over a certain size require a permit. Our team can help you understand and obtain the permits required for your project.

Will a fence enhance the value of my home?


How long can a fence be expected to last?

The life expectancy of a fencing system depends on its material and maintenance. A well-maintained wooden fence, for example, can last 20 years. Vinyl and wrought iron fencing can also last longer.

elegant vinyl fence in Haskell

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Benton Fence Company provides a high-quality service to Haskell, AR, and surrounding cities including Benton, Glen Rose, Kentucky, Nance, Salem, Bryant, Gifford, Edgewood, Evergreen, Rubicon. We can help you transform your property in Haskell with a high quality and beautiful fence. Call us today to arrange your FREE estimate. Our experienced team is ready to help you turn your fencing ideas into reality.

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